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Greenbrae Dermatology

Lucretia has been our office manager since 1993. She is in charge of billing as well as general office management.

Mariella is new to the practice and is our chief receptionist.   She will help with checking you in and out and deals with product sales.

Mary Beth works as receptionist part of the time as well as pathology follow-up, scheduling surgeries and managing other appointments.

Stefani is our support person and in charge of pathology, continuity of care and scheduling. She also works part time as a medical assistant.  She can help with many medical questions.

Chiara is also our medical assistant. She can also assist you with checking in and out of the office, making appointments as well as purchasing and advising on products.

Katrina Von Staden is our aesthetician and performs medical microdermabrasion and chemical face peels. She also has her own private practice where she performs facials as well as other aesthetic services.

Daphne is our Medical Assistant and has been working with Dr. Nichols for years.  She is a great addition to our staff and our "go-to" person for Electronic Medical Records.

Charlotte is our newest medical assistant.  She will show you into your room and take an initial history.  She is Pre-Med and is planning to become a dermatologist. 

Our Staff